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Wall to Wall Mirror Installation by Pro Mirror Contractor

Jerry Grossman Mirrors specializes in the installation of frameless floor length mirrors, full length mirrors, floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall mirrors. They install beautiful, custom mirror walls in homes, apartments, public venues, and many other Philadelphia area locations. Homeowners, contractors, commercial and residential builders rely on their expertise. And you can too! > Get A Quick Quote

The Grossman Mirrors Difference

• 1/4 Inch Frameless Mirrors, Polished Edge
• Free Onsite Consultation
• Safe Glazier Installation in 5 to 10 Days
• 15/20 Labor + Mirror Warranty
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Mirror Contractor, Frameless Commercial Mirrors

Trade professional who want a reliable, professional mirror supplier, mirror contractor or mirror installation company, use Jerry Grossman Mirrors! The best mirror company in the Philadelphia area since 1978. Grossman Mirrors’ installs 1/4″ thick frameless mirrors, in all sizes, safely and quickly in a wide variety of environments. Time-and-time again, contractors, commercial builders and designers give Grossman Mirrors 5 star reviews. Why? Their customer service, no-hassle quote process, brisk turnaround and professional glazier installation! Their turnaround is unheard of – large custom frameless mirrors and mirror walls are typically installed in 5 to 10 days. They are also flexible – able to take the lead or follow your mirror specifications exactly. Either way, your project is reliably designed, managed and immaculately installed. >Get A Quick Quote

Homeowner Full Wall Mirrors + Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

Nothing compares to the immediate impact of a mirrored wall! That’s why homeowners continue to install large wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mirrors in their living areas. As you know, mirrors maximize the available light, make a room look larger, and add a touch of elegance. Narrow rooms and rooms with less natural light benefit the most from wall-to-wall mirrors. Alternatively, if your mirror walls have broken or are no longer suit your decor, Grossman Mirrors provides mirror wall removal. >Get A Quick Quote!

Professional Mirror Wall Installation

Wondering if large mirrors can be safely installed on your wall? The answer is yes! Grossman’s professional glaziers safely install mirrors on cinder block, brick, wood, plaster, drywall and other materials. And don’t be concerned if your walls are curved or out-of-square. Grossman visually corrects all wall surfaces to ensure a perfect, distortion-free reflection. And since Grossman Mirrors can cut mirrors on-site, your light switches, electrical outlets and TVs will be perfectly cut and fitted.

All Grossman Mirrors’ projects, regardless of size, include a free onsite pre-installation consultation and warranty. Their experience, craftsmanship and pricing is unmatched. >View Mirror Wall Photos

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