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Grossman Mirrors has installed literally hundreds of miles of dance and yoga studio mirrors in the Philadelphia-area. Professional dance studios, and dancers creating in-home dance spaces all trust Grossman Mirrors. Yoga, pilates and PiYo studios also rely on their mirror wall installation expertise. It’s no wonder their reliable service and safe, pristine installations have earned many 5 star reviews. No other mirror contractor has more mirror wall installation experience. And every mirror wall installation, regardless of size, comes with Grossman’s free onsite consultation and warranty! >Get A Quick Quote

Dance Mirror Installation, Ballet, Barre + Home Dance Studio Mirrors

You won’t find a mirror company installing more dance mirror walls than Grossman Mirrors. They have extensive experience installing dance and ballet mirrors on long walls and touching corners. Additionally, install mirrors above and below barres, and in challenging spaces with cutouts and doorways. See Grossman’s partial client list or Get A Quick Quote!

Yoga Studio Mirrors, Pilates, PiYo Mirrors + Rowing Mirrors Installation

Because Grossman Mirrors has extensive experience installing yoga, pilates, PiYo and rowing mirrors, they know exactly where your mirror wall should be hung. Since practice positions and movements for yoga, pilates and rowing involve floor work, those mirrors are often taller and hung lower. Find out more about Grossman Mirrors, or Get A Quick Quote!

The Grossman Mirrors Difference

• 1/4 Inch Thick Frameless Mirrors
• Free Onsite Consultation
• Safe Glazier Installation in 5 to 10 Days
• 15/20 Labor & Mirror Warranty
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Grossman Mirrors installs North American-made, 1/4 inch thick, polished-edge frameless mirrors. Their mirrors and methods of installation are industry standard. Many off-price mirrors are made overseas, and they are thinner, usually 3/16 inch thick or less. They are also rough cut, not polished edge, which is one reason why they must be framed. When choosing a mirror contractor, ask about their mirror installation process and standards, the experience of the installers, and if the mirrors are frameless. >View Mirror Photos

In addition to safety and quality issues, thinner, framed mirrors can also be a problem if your location ever needs to relocate. Framed mirrors are thinner, so they typically cannot be removed without breaking. Grossman Mirrors is one of, if not the only, mirror company who will remove and reinstall their mirrors, within their service area.

If you are wondering if large frameless mirrors can be safely installed on your wall, the answer is yes! Grossman’s glaziers safely install dance mirrors and yoga mirrors on cinder block, brick, drywall and other building materials. If your wall is out-of-square or slightly curved, it is visually corrected. Also, Grossman Mirrors can cut mirrors on-site, so light switches, electrical outlets, barres and other items are perfectly fitted.>Get A Quick Quote!

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