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Professional Gym Mirror + Weight Room Mirror Installation

Since 1978, Grossman Mirrors has been the smart, safe choice for gym mirror installation. Commercial builders, contractors and gym owners alike trust their mirror work to Grossman Mirrors. See their partial client list. Grossman Mirrors is extremely experienced with workout and gym mirror design and installation. Their rare combination of customer service, experience and speed, produces beautiful results, aggressive pricing, and unmatched turnaround times. And their free on-site consultation means an expert will be planning the best mirror wall size and placement for your space and use. If you have floor plans they will install your mirrors exactly as specified. And don’t worry if your walls are slightly curved or out-of-square. Your walls will be visually corrected for a perfect, distortion-free reflection. Furthermore, Grossman Mirrors can install on cinder block, brick, drywall and other materials. >Get A Quick Quote

In the future, if your gym grows or you need to relocate, Grossman will return to remove and reinstall your mirrors at your new location. (Within their service area.)

Sometimes in a large public gym or space a mirror will get broken. When this happens, you need safe, fast mirror replacement.

Home Gym Mirror Installation, Best Placement + Materials

Mirrors for home gyms can be configured in a wide variety of ways. A number of factors determine where you should hang a mirror or a mirror wall in your workout space. For example, are you using your space for working out, weight lifting, yoga or pilates? Do you need to consider stationary equipment, floor mats or door openings? Are you often seated, standing or doing floor work? Lighting, reflections and other variables are also key factors. And figuring it out is made much easier for you with Jerry Grossman Mirrors’ free onsite consultation. Using their decades of experience, they help you choose the best mirror placement and size for your space and use. And you don’t have to limit yourself to certain panel sizes! Any size can be cut, configured and installed because Grossman Mirrors also has the unique ability to cut your mirrors onsite, which ensures a perfect custom fit. >Get A Quick Quote

When looking for mirrors, ask about the quality and thickness of the mirrors being offered and whether or not they are frameless. Grossman Mirrors installs industry-standard, 1/4 inch thick frameless mirrors. Frameless mirror edges are polished and the finish is pristine. However, framed mirrors are thinner, usually 3/16 inch or less, and rough cut (which is why they are framed). Thinner mirrors are more susceptible to bending and creating distorted reflections. And they frequently cannot be removed or rehung. This is a problem if your business needs to relocate. With Grossman Mirrors’ frameless mirrors, if you need to relocate, Grossman will return to remove and reinstall your mirrors at your new location. (Within their service area.)

Professional Mirror Wall Installation

All Grossman Mirrors’ installations are safely performed by glaziers who are courteous, professional and treat every home like it is heir own. The entire team at Grossman Mirrors pride themselves on delivering the best customer service and mirror wall installation. They strive to provide a simply beautiful result — a seamless-looking mirror wall that will look great for years to come. Read their many 5 star reviews.

Are you wondering if large mirrors can be safely installed on your wall? The answer is yes! Grossman’s glaziers can safely install gym mirrors on cinder block, brick, drywall and other building materials. And when a wall is out-of-square or slightly curved, they visually correct it for a perfect, distortion-free reflection.

Every gym mirror wall installation, regardless of size, comes with Grossman’s free onsite consultation. During your onsite visit, mirror placement and size, reflections (both wanted and unwanted) and other important considerations will be reviewed. When it comes to workout, home gym or weight room mirror installation, no-one matches Grossman Mirrors’ experience, quality, pricing or warranty. >Get A Quick Quote

The Grossman Mirrors Difference

• 1/4 Inch Thick Frameless Gym Mirrors
• Free Onsite Consultation
• Safe Glazier Installation in 5 to 10 Days
• 15/20 Labor & Mirror Warranty
• Get A Quick Quote Online or by Phone

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