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Frameless Mirror Quality & Placement

Although you may think mirror is a commodity, there are different grades, quality and thicknesses of mirror. You want to be sure of the thickness and the quality of the mirror you are having installed is 1/4 inch thick and meets ISO industry standards. Cheaper, thinner mirrors are less safe because they break more easily, and they bend and warp. This bending, or curving distorts the reflection, especially if the mirror is installed on un-square walls. The curves refract the light and can even be severe enough to create a “funhouse” appearance. If you are checking your form for lifting or dancing, an accurate reflection is everything! Grossman’s mirrors are 1/4 inch thick, Pittsburgh Plate, and are guaranteed not to de-silver or blacken for 20 years.

In addition to mirror quality, it is important to choose the right mirror size and have proper placement in your workout area, dance or yoga studio. As a general rule of thumb, mirrors are placed 12″ to 18″ up from the baseboard, unless the room is very small and the person does a lot of floor work. Before making a decision, many people choose to consult with a mirror installation professional prior to choosing their gym mirror wall size and placement. Grossman Mirrors service includes a pre-installation consult with owner Jerry Grossman. Jerry will help you decide on how much mirror you need for the size of your space and proper mirror placement.

Professional Mirror Installation

However, the most important consideration of all is the safe handling and installation of your mirrors. A large gym mirror that is 5′ x 6′ or 5′ x 8′ has a considerable amount of weight. Professional glaziers know how to properly transport, carry and safely hang mirrors of this type, ensuring they stay securely hung for decades to come. There are a few key questions to ask when preparing to have a large frameless mirror installed. You want to ask if your mirror will be safely handled by professionals (to avoid causing injury, damage or scratches). You want to know how thick your mirror will be and if your mirror will be mounted using adhesive, screws, and J channel. And lastly, confirm that your mirror installation company is local and insured.

Want to take a guess how heavy mirrors are? Watch Grossman Mirrors’ brief mirror installation YouTube video.

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