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Professional Mirror Wall Installation + Standards

Since mirrors come in different thicknesses and grades, it’s important to recognize the key differences when shopping. A good frameless mirror or frameless mirror wall is 1/4 inch thick and meets ISO industry-standards for quality and safety. Grossman Mirrors installs 1/4 inch thick, polished edge mirrors, that are distortion-free and guaranteed not to de-silver for 20 years.

Frameless mirror walls can be cut to any size. Generally, mirror wall height and width is determined by a client’s needs, room size and other factors. In general, mirror height for a gym, workout, dance or yoga studio is 5′ or 6′, placed 12″ to 18″ above the baseboard or floor. As opposed to floor length mirrors which are more widely hung floor to ceiling in living and lounge areas. With Grossman Mirrors, choosing the right mirror size for your space is worry-free because they provide a free on-site consultation prior to every installation. This important step, only offered by Grossman Mirrors, ensures you will get the optimal mirror size and placement for your space.

Furthermore,Grossman’s professional glaziers have the equipment and experience to safely transport, carry and hang large mirrors on a variety of surfaces. It is surprising how much a large 5′ x 6′ or 5′ x 8′ mirror panel weighs. Are you curious how heavy a single mirror panel is? Then watch Grossman Mirrors’ short mirror installation YouTube video.

Mirror Contractor Questions

How Thick Is The Mirror?

Ask about the quality and thickness of the mirrors they install and if the mirrors are frameless. Grossman Mirrors installs industry-standard, 1/4 inch thick frameless mirrors in all settings commercial + residential. Their frameless mirrors have a polished edge and are hung top and bottom with 3/4″ facing j channel. In contrast, framed mirrors are thinner, usually 3/16 inch or less, with rough cut edges – which is why they must be framed.

Are The Mirrors Frameless?

It is very important to find out if the mirrors are frameless or framed. 1/4 inch thick frameless mirrors have a polished edge and are hung using 3/4″ facing j channel top and bottom. In comparison, framed mirrors are thinner, usually 3/16 inch or less, and rough cut. Because they are rough cut and left with jagged edges, they must be framed on all four sides. These thinner, framed mirrors are also more susceptible to breaking and bending. When a mirror bends the reflections distort. Additionally, framed mirrors usually cannot be removed or rehung. This is a problem if you have a business that may need to relocate. With Grossman Mirrors’ frameless mirrors, if you need to relocate, Grossman will remove and reinstall your mirrors at your new location, within their service area.

What Installation Method Is Used?

Because safety is paramount when hanging large mirrors, ask how the mirror wall will be installed. Properly installed 1/4 inch thick mirrors are hung with adhesive, screws, and 3/4 inch J channel top and bottom. It is not safe or industry-standard to use plastic clips or brackets to hang large mirrors.

Who Installs The Mirror?

Large mirrors are heavy. It is important your mirrors are handled and installed by experienced professional glaziers. Only a professional mirror installation company knows how to transport and hang mirrors safely and securely. In addition, a mishandled mirror can be damaged or scratched before or during the installation.

Is The Mirror Contractor Local?

As with any company working at your home, business or job site, you want to be sure the mirror company is local and trusted. Jerry Grossman Mirrors has been installing mirrors in the Philadelphia area since 1978! Find out if Grossman Mirrors installs frameless mirror walls in your area.

Is Their Work Covered By A Warranty?

Lastly, who can you call – and are you covered – if there are any concerns about your mirrors after installation? A professional mirror company will stand by the quality of their materials and installation methods by offering a warranty. That’s why Grossman Mirrors created their 15/20 warranty. Installation and workmanship is covered for 15 years, and the mirrors are guaranteed not to de-silver for 20 years (under proper conditions).

What Is The Mirror Contractor’s Reputation?

Ask to see their frameless mirror wall photos, client list, and online reviews.