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Professional Frameless Mirror Wall Installation

Grossman Mirrors is known for pristine, fast mirror wall installation. They have specialized in frameless mirror wall installation since 1978. The American-made materials they use and their professional installation methods meet or exceed all ISO industry standards for safety and quality. When safety, durability, and appearance all matter, hire a mirror wall installation company with proven craftsmanship and years of experience. Their mirror walls are frameless, distortion-free, durable, and beautiful. Because their professional glaziers can cut mirrors to any size to fit any space, you don’t have to settle for standard sizes. And their mirror installation and materials come with a warranty. Below are some questions to ask when choosing your mirror installation company. >Contact Grossman Mirrors 

What Is The Best Size For My Home Gym Mirror, Dance Mirror, or Living Room Mirror Wall?

In a gym mirror, weight room mirror, dance mirror, or yoga studio mirror, the height recommendation is 5′ or 6′, placed 12″ to 18″ above the baseboard. However, living area and accent mirrors, called floor-to-ceiling or full-wall mirrors, are often as tall as 8′. Choosing the perfect mirror size and placement for your space is worry-free with Grossman Mirrors because their service includes a free on-site consultation before every installation. The best mirror wall size accommodates the client’s use, the room size, lighting, and other factors.

Are Frameless Mirrors Better Quality?

Frameless mirrors are a durable 1/4 inch thick. They have a finished, polished edge, hung with a 3/4 inch facing j channel. Framed mirrors are thinner, 3/16 inch or less, and rough cut (left with jagged edges). The thinner the mirror, the more susceptible they are to breaking and bending. When a mirror bends or twists, it causes distortion in the reflection. Framed mirrors also cannot be removed and rehung. Always ask for frameless, American-made 1/4-inch mirrors. Grossman Mirrors only installs industry-standard, 1/4-inch thick frameless mirrors in commercial + residential settings

How Long Will It Take To Have My Mirror Wall Installed?

A mirror wall installation can happen in as little as 5 to 10 business days with Grossman Mirrors! How can they do it so quickly? One reason is they stock 1/4 inch mirrors in many sizes, and they cut mirrors. Therefore, their clients never have to wait for material availability. Furthermore, they have an easy 1-2-3 process that is efficient and fast! Request a quick quote, schedule your free on-site consultation, and have your mirror installed!

What Mirror Installation Method Is Used?

Safety is paramount when hanging large mirrors. Be sure to ask about the mirror wall installation method. Proper installation of 1/4 inch thick mirrors includes generous adhesive, screws, and 3/4 inch J channel. Plastic clips or brackets are not safe installation methods for hanging large mirrors. 

Can The Mirrors Be Removed and Rehung?

When a gym or dance studio grows, they relocate or reconfigure their space. You want to be sure the mirrors you install can be taken down and rehung. Framed mirrors usually cannot be removed or rehung. Grossman Mirrors will remove and reinstall your existing mirrors within their service area.

Are The Mirror Walls Being Installed Safely By Experienced Glaziers?

Large mirrors are heavy! Your mirrors must be handled and installed by experienced, professional glaziers. Only a professional mirror installation company knows how to transport and hang mirrors safely and securely. Additionally, a mishandled mirror can be damaged or scratched before or during the installation.

Is The Mirror Installation Covered By A Warranty?

After installation, who can you call if you have concerns or questions about your mirrors? A professional mirror company will warranty their materials and their installation methods. Grossman Mirrors is fully insured and offers a 15/20 warranty. Their installation covers 15 years, and the mirrors are guaranteed not to de-silver for 20 years.

Is The Mirror Company Insured?

Working with mirrors requires a specific skill set and finesse. Although rare, accidents can happen. Jerry Grossman Mirrors is fully insured and has been installing mirrors since 1978.

What Is The Mirror Contractor’s Reputation?

Ask for their project photos and client lists and read their online reviews.

Are They A Greater Philadelphia Area Mirror Company?

As with any company working at your home, business, or job site, you want to be sure the mirror company is local and trusted. Jerry Grossman Mirrors is located in Montgomery County, PA, and has been installing mirrors in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1978! Find out if Grossman Mirrors installs frameless mirrors near you.

How Heavy is a 5′ x 6′ or 5′ x 8′ Mirror Panel?

It is surprising how heavy a large 5′ x 6′ or 5′ x 8′ mirror panel is! Are you curious how much a single mirror panel weighs? Click to watch a short mirror installation video.

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