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Frameless Mirrored Walls Quality & Placement

It is important to know mirror and mirrored walls are not all the same. And there are different grades, quality and thicknesses of frameless mirrored walls. For example, to meet ISO industry standards for quality and safety, a mirror must be a one quarter inch thick. Cheaper, thinner mirrors are less safe because they bend and break more easily. When a mirror bends, even slightly, a mirrors’ reflection is distorted. This distortion gets amplified when a mirror is installed on a wall that is not square. Grossman’s mirrors are one quarter inch thick, absolutely distortion-free and guaranteed not to de-silver or blacken for 20 years. And they can visually correct curved or out-of-square walls. That’s why contractors, builders, homeowners, and others have chosen Jerry Grossman Mirrors since 1978.

After quality, the next consideration is the proper size and placement of your workout, dance or yoga studio mirrors. Mirrors for these uses are usually 5′ high and placed 12″ to 18″ up from the baseboard or floor. (Unlike full length mirrors which are placed lower and reach the ceiling.) The width is determined by room size, equipment placement and other factors. Before making a final decision, it’s best to consult with a mirror installation company. Grossman Mirrors’ service includes a pre-order, pre-installation consultation. Jerry Grossman helps every client decide how much mirror is needed and where it should be placed.

Another very important consideration is the safe handling and installation of your mirrors. A large 5′ x 6′ or 5′ x 8′ mirror panel weighs a considerable amount. Professional glaziers have the equipment and experience to safely transport, carry and hang large mirrors to a variety of surfaces. Want to take a guess how heavy a single mirror panel is? Watch Grossman Mirrors’ brief mirror installation YouTube video.

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Questions To Ask About Your Mirror Wall Installation

How thick is the mirror?

Mirrors that are 1/4″ thick meet ISO industry standards, because the thicker the mirror, the less likely it is to break or bend. It is recommended mirror walls be 1/4″ thick.

Who will be installing the mirror?

In order to avoid injury during or after the installation, damage and scratches, it is important mirrors be handled and installed by professional glaziers.

What installation method will be used?

Plastic clips or brackets are not industry accepted or safe methods for hanging large, heavy mirrors. Properly installed 1/4″ thick mirrors are hung with adhesive, screws, and J channel on the top and bottom. 

Is the mirror company local and insured?

As with any other company or person working in your home or location, you want to make sure they are insured.

Does their work come with a warranty?

This is important. Who will you call and are you covered if there are any concerns about your mirrors after installation? A professional mirror company will stand by the quality of their materials and installation methods.

What is their reputation?

Ask about their references and read their online reviews.